Year of Establishment:

1st October 1947

Names of Programmes/Courses offered :

B.A. (Honours) [on and from 01/10/1947] & B.A. (General) in Bengali P.G evening course in Bengali affiliated to University of Calcutta [Since 2014]

Research & Publication

Prof. Sikha Basu:

Articles in ISSN Journals (as Sole author)

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Dr. Syamacharan Mandal:

Articles in ISSN Journals (as Sole author)

  1. Bangaliana, Muslim Bidwesh O Kamalakanta—Bhorai, 2012, ISSN 0974-2565, pp-80-86.
  2. Unish Satake Banglay Nari Bhavana— Bhorai, 2011, ISSN 0974-2565, pp-101-118.
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SWOC Analysis


  • Qualified faculty
  • Enriched teaching
  • Research works under individual capacity and institutional patronage
  • Counselling for the students, Tutorial classes for the up gradation of student out put
  • Participation in the seminars and workshops for up gradation of faculties
  • Presentation of papers in different seminars
  • Publication of papers in different journals and edited volumes
  • Publication of books


  • Poor Infrastructure
  • Students get admission in the department are normally from the financially very poor background


  • Inter disciplinary and Inter departmental activities in the academic field
  • Create provision of vocational training for students
  • Organization of different academic programmes at regular interval


  • Poor Infrastructure
  • Students get admission in the department are normally from the financially very poor background

Future Plan

  • Planning for better input for the students
  • Organization of different subject related and job oriented vocational training programmes
  • Organization of inter- departmental activities and inter- disciplinary academic works
  • Organization of Research activities in collaboration with other departments of the institution and also with other institutions or organizations
  • Organization of seminars, workshops, field studies at regular intervals
  • Publication of research works if funds from outside could be arranged
  • Arrangement of funds to materialize all the said programmes

List of Faculties

Sm. Amrita Bhattacharya

Sm. Arunava Mitra

Sm. Sikha Basu Basu

Dr. Syamacharan Mandal

Photo Gallery