Year of Establishment:

1st October 1947

Names of Programmes/Courses offered :

B.Sc. (Honours) [on and from the Year 1997] & B.Sc. (General) in Chemistry

Research & Publication

Dr. Chitta Ranjan Sen:

Articles Published in ISSN Journals:

  1. Sen C. R., Cyanophycean flora with nitrogen fertilizers in paddy fields of Bardhaman District, Phykos, Vol.45. 2015. ISSN 0554-1182.

Dr. Mominul Sinan:

Articles in ISSN Journals:

  1. Ghosh P., Sinan M.; Lahiri D., Roy S.; Goswami S. Designed Synthesis of a Functional Derivative of Triazinium cation and it’s Rhodium Complex showing Photoinduceed DNA Cleavage Activity and Photocytotoxicity, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2012; 2012 (29): 4719–4727. ISSN 1099-0682.
  2. Roy S. K., Samanta S., Sinan M., Ghosh P.; Goswami S. Aerial Oxidation of Protonated Amines. Isolation, X-ray Structure, and Redox and Spectral Characteristics of N-Containing Dyes, J. Org. Chem., 2012; 77 (22): 10249–10259. ISSN 0022-3263
  3. Sinan M., Ghosh P.; Goswami S. Isolation and Characterization of Two Isomeric Arylamine Substituted Triazinium Salts. Studies of Intramolecular Charge-Transfer and Electrochromic Properties, Indian Journal of Chemistry, 2011; 50A: 1273 -1280. (Special Issue on Sir PC Ray) ISSN: 0376-4710 4. Sinan M., Ghosh K., Goswami S. One-Pot Synthesis of Linearly Fused N-Heterocyles from Their Angular Analogues and Studies of Their Redox and Electrochromic Properties, J. Org. Chem., 2010; 75 (6): 2065 –2068. ISSN 0022-3263.

Dr. Parimal Routh:

Articles in ISSN Journals:

  1. Ananthanarayanan A., Wang, Y., Routh P., Alam Sk M., Than A., Lin M., Zhang J., Chen J., Sun H., Chen P. Nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped graphene quantum dots: synthesis from adenosine triphosphate, optical properties, and cellular imaging, Nanoscale, 2015; 7(17): 8159-8165. ISSN 2040-3372. IF-7.394
  2. Ananthanarayanan A., Wang, X.; Routh P., Sana B., Lim S., K. D.-H., Lim K.-H., Li J.; Chen P. Facile Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots from 3D Graphene and their Application for Fe3+ Sensing, Adv. Funct. Mater., 2014; 24 (20): 3021–3026. ISSN 1616-3028. IF-11.805.
  3. Wang X., Sun G., Routh P., Kim D.-H., Huang W., Chen P. Heteroatom-doped graphene materials: syntheses, properties and applications, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2014; 43 (20): 7067-7098. ISSN 1460-4744.
  4. Routh P., Das S., Shit A., Bairi P., Das P., Nandi A. K. Graphene Quantum Dots from a Facile Sono-Fenton Reaction and its Hybrid with a Polythiophene graft Copolymer towards Photovoltaic Application, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2013; 5(23): 12672–12680. ISSN 1944-8252.
  5. Routh P., Mukherjee P., Nandi A. K. RNA-Poly(o-methoxyaniline) Hybrid Templated Growth of Silver Nanoparticles and Nanojacketing: Physical and Electronic Properties, Langmuir, 2010; 26 (7): 5093–5100. ISSN 1520-5827. IF-4.457 (Highlighted in Nature India doi: 10.1038/nindia.2010.53)
  6. Routh P., Mukherjee P., Nandi A. K. Enhanced Optoelectronic Properties of RNA−Poly(o-methoxyaniline) Hybrid Containing Monodispersed Au Nanoparticles J. mater. Chem. 2010; 20 (34): 7214-7221. ISSN 1364-5501.
  7. Routh P., Garai A., Nandi A. K. Enhanced Photoluminescence and Negative Differential Resistance of Polyaniline Sulfonic Acid – RNA – Au Nanobiocomposites, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2011; 13 (30): 13670–13682. ISSN 1463-9084. (Highlighted in Nature India doi: 10.1038/nindia.2011.124)
  8. Routh P., Layek R. K., Nandi A. K. Negative differential resistance and improved optoelectronic properties in Ag nanoparticles-decorated graphene oxide–riboflavin hybrids. Carbon, 2012; 50 (10): 3422-3434. ISSN 0008-6223. IF-6.16
  9. Nandi S., Routh P., Layek R. K., Nandi A. K. Graphene Sulfonic Acid-Organic Dye Ionic Complex with Bimolecular-Sensing and Opticalelectronic Properties, Biomacromolecules, 2012; 13 (10); 3181–3188. ISSN 1526-4602.
  10. Routh P., Das S., Nandi A. K. Polythiophene-g-poly(dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) stabilized Au nanoparticles and its morphology tuning by RNA with variation of electronic properties, RSC Adv., 2012; 2(30): 11295-11305. ISSN 2046-2069.
  11. Bairi P.; Roy B.; Routh P., Sen K.; Nandi A. K. Self-sustaining, fluorescent and semi-conducting co-assembled organogel of Fmoc protected phenylalanine with aromatic amines, Soft Matter, 2012; 8 (28), 7436-7445. ISSN 1744-6848.

Dr. Sudipta Mitra:

Articles in ISSN Journals:

  1. Mitra S., A Rapid One-Pot Ugi Reaction Based Route to Novel Imidazole-Fused Benzodiazepinones, SYNTHESIS, 2015; 47: 2294-2298. ISSN 1437-210X
  2. Mitra S., Expeditious synthetic approach and photophysical properties of fluorescent benzimidazo[1,2-d]dibenzo[b,f][1,4]diazepine derivatives, RSC ADVANCES, 2013; 3:1862-1870. ISSN 2046-2069
  3. Mitra S., Efficient synthesis of imidazole-fused benzodiazepines using Palladium-catalyzed intramolecular C–N bond formation reaction, SYNTHESIS, 2013; 45, 85-92. ISSN 1437-210X
  4. Mitra S., Synthesis and biological evaluation of dibenz[b, f][1, 5]oxazocine derivatives for agonist activity at k-opioid receptor, EUJMC. 2011, 46, 1713-1720. ISSN 0223-5234
  5. Mitra S., Lewis acid catalyzed one-pot selective synthesis of aminobenzofurans and N-alkyl-2-aryl-2-(arylimino)acetamides: Product dependence on the nature of the aniline, SYNTHESIS, 2010, 3899-3905. ISSN 1437-210X

SWOC Analysis


  • Hardworking, dedicated faculty
  • Good coordination among faculty members
  • Sufficient Laboratory equipment
  • Huge stock of chemicals in laboratory.


  • Poor condition of laboratories
  • Vacant position of faculty in different branches of chemistry


  • Facility to do Minor Research Projects


  • To promote and motivate more and more students to better in their

Future Plan

  • Renovation and up-gradation of laboratories

List of Faculties

Dr. Mominul Sinan

Dr. Parimal Routh

Prof. Ramkrishna Das

Dr. Rumpa Saha

Dr. Samiran Halder

Dr. Swati Dutta

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