Year of Establishment:

1st October 1947

Names of Programmes/Courses offered :

B.A. (Honours) courses [on and from] & B.A (General) in Economics

Research & Publication

Dr. Susmita Banerjee:

Articles Published in ISSN Journals: (Sole Author)

  1. “Globalization, Commodification of Human Emotions and Dark Tourism” (2015): Tourism Theory and Practice, ISSN No. 0973-6611, (accepted).
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  4. Translation work: ‘Tamil Bhraman Sahitya: Ek Ananya Dhara” (2014), Bhorai, Vol.7, No.1, ISSN No. 0974-2565, original article ‘Tamil Travel Writings: An Unique Genre’ , written by E. Devabalane & Marie Josephine Aruna).
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Articles Published in Books: (Sole author)

  1. ‘Empowering Women through Micro-Credit: Strategy for Sustainable Rural Development’(2015), ‘Empowerment of Women: Some Issues, Challenges and Debates; 20th& 21st Century’, ed. by Dr. R. Neogy, The Elegant Publications, Kolkata, pp.104-113, ISBN: 978-93-83360-18-5.
  2. Empowerment of Women: A path to Human Capital Development, ‘Women Empowerment in West Bengal’, ed. By Dr. S. Dutta, Manav Prakashan, Kolkata, pp. 94-105, 2011. ISBN 978-93-80332-00-0.

Dr. Jonaki Sengupta:

Articles Published in ISSN Journals:

  1. Jonaki Sengupta, Do Measures of Economic Reforms Complement Each other, Asian Journal of Economic Modelling. 2015, In press.
  2. Jonaki Sengupta, Ranjanendra Narayan Nag, Baskar Goswami., “Terms of Trade, Capital Accumulation and the Macro economy in a Developing Country: A Theoretical Analysis (2013) Studies in Agricultural Economics, pp. 115, ISSN: 1418-2106.
  3. Jonaki Sengupta, Ranjanendra Narayan Nag, Baskar Goswami.“Reforms and Terms of Trade Volatility in an Agriculture Dependent Economy’(2011) Journal of Economics and International Finance, Vol. 3(6), pp. 337, ISSN: 2006-9812.

Articles Published in ISBN Books/Conference Proceedings (ISBN)

  1. Jonaki Sengupta and Asit kumar Shit, Changing scenario of Women in the Work Force, Changing Scenario of Society and culture in the Context of globalization, Edited by Sk. Kamruzzaman, Malasree Majumder, and Nuruzzaman Kasemi, Aug, 2015. ISBN: 978-93-84671-29-7
  2. Jonaki Sengupta, “Agricultural Price Volatility and Unemployment in a Developing Country: A Structuralist Macro Model of Sectoral Interlinkages” (2011) Published in Conference Proceedings of the Seminar on “Development and Rural Livelihood”, organised by Department of Economics, University of Burdwan, ed. By Soumendra Kishor Dutta, Levant Books, Kolkata. ISBN 978-93-80663-20-3
  3. Jonaki Sengupta, Pia Ghosal, “Looking at Gender Empowerment Through the Lens of Capability Approach: Indian experience in the Post Reform Period”(2011) Published in Conference Proceedings of the Seminar on “Development and Rural Livelihood”, organised by Department of Economics, University of Burdwan, ed. By Soumendra Kishor Dutta, Levant Books, Kolkata. ISBN 978-93-80663-20-3

SWOC Analysis


  • Well stocked library with easy access to books by students and teachers.
  • Separate space for department which makes it easy to interact with students beyond class hours.
  • Well-equipped class room with ICT facilities.
  • Highly qualified teaching faculties associated with research work.
  • Good coordination among teachers. • Students are enriched by regular interaction with teachers beyond classes. • Remedial classes, tutorials are taken on regular basis by the faculty member to help the students lagging behind their contemporaries. • Assessment of students in regular interval through class tests.


  • Student intake from comparatively lower academic performer
  • Scarcity of the students in this subject is a common problem for almost all colleges of West Bengal.
  • Lack of dynamic students.
  • Lack of space for faculty members to pursue their individual research.


  • Opportunity of the department lies in the subject itself. The subject has good prospect in job market as well as in academic sphere. Besides schools, colleges and Research Institutes, the students may apply for administrative jobs, other Government services, banks, insurance or in MNCs.


  • To improve the result of the students
  • To motivate students for higher studies and pursue research in this subject
  • To reduce the dropout rates
  • To equip students in such a way this would help them to cope with the competition which they face in the job market.

Future Plan

  • To organise more and more national and international seminars
  • To give the students glimpse of research before they enter into higher studies.
  • To organise departmental seminars involving the students in regular interval for helping them in future in the job market
  • To publish departmental magazines in regular interval.
  • To set up a research wing to undertake projects on several socio-economic issues.

List of Faculties

Dr. Jonaki Sengupta

Sm. Nabanita De

Rivu Sanyal

Dr. Susmita Banerjee

Photo Gallery